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Mediation Explained

services 006Why Use Family Mediation?

If you are facing divorce or separation and don’t know which way to turn, family mediation can help your sort arrangements for children, property, finance and other important matters.

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Mediation Explained

about mediationWho Can Come to Mediation?

Parents – to discuss child arrangements.

Divorced couples – you can still mediate once your decree absolute has been granted if a financial settlement has not yet been reached or child arrangements have not been made or need changing.

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Mediation Explained

about mediation roleWhat is the Role of the Mediator?

The role of a family mediator is to remain impartial and to help you both identify the issues that need to be resolved within mediation.

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The reception over the telephone was extremely sympathetic and kind, elements hugely important for someone who is traumatised and vulnerable. I felt safe, respected and never a hindrance.

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