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Costs (Legal Aid)

legal aid costs for mediation

Legal Aid Costs

The Divorce and Separation Centre have a contract from the Legal Aid Agency and can offer Legal Aid for those who are eligible.

At your initial Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM)s appointment, our mediator will carry out an assessment, which is based on your income, any capital you may have and selected outgoings.

The assessment will be carried out whilst you are present and is dependent upon the correct documentation being provided. If you provide the correct documentation, you will be informed as soon as possible whether or not you are eligible for Legal Aid.

If one party is eligible for Legal Aid, both parties will receive a free MIAM (if the eligible party has been seen first) and a free joint mediation appointment.

Examples of the documents you may have to provide include:

Wage slips – Childcare costs – Tax return – Up to date Bank Statements
Proof of maintenance – Proof of benefits (JSA, ESA, Income Support)

Please note: unless all the correct documents are provided, we will not be able to confirm legal aid.

What does it mean to be eligible for legal aid?

If you are eligible for Legal Aid your mediation will be completely free of charge. Whilst engaged in mediation, you may also be entitled to some assistance from your Solicitor.

For the eligibility calculator click here.


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